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FP Cover, 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Oil Portrait by Ruth Monsell

My biography of Frances Perkins will at long last be released on April 16, 2024. Thank you for your support and interest! To easily pre-order, go to the link above.

The first new full length biography of Perkins in 15 years, it represents over a decade of research, interviews, writing, re-writing, editing,  drawing, painting, communications with publishers, first readers and editors, finding manuscript readers and blurb writers, and picture research.  It was written to be accessible to teens as well as adults and includes dozens of  photos.

Book readings and signings will begin in April in S.C. and May in Maine.​ PLEASE DO follow my blog to learn more about this long journey and add your name to the mailing list for events and updates. Write to me with any questions or comments.  I welcome them, and will respond.

Again, thank you.


Ruth Monsell

One minute promotional video done for Histria book fairs.

Order your copy of Frances Perkins - Champion of American Workers

by Ruth C. Monsell from Histria Books today.

With John, Tomlin and Cardboard Frances!_edited.jpg

With John Longmaid, first and foremost supporter of the Frances Perkins Center, a cardboard Frances, and her grandson, Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall.

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