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Updated: Feb 26

In the summer of 2022 I had the honor of portraying Frances Perkins onstage. I still have "her" attire in my closet, so that impersonation, complete with her accent, is always possibility for bookings.

Update: I have so far booked two dates to introduce Frances Perkins, my biography, read an excerpt or two, show some slides, answer questions and sign copies of the book.

The first one is in downtown Charleston at Circular Congregational church on April 21, 9:45.

The second is at the Camden, Maine public library on Tuesday evening, June 4.

I also to have late May or June signings at the Damariscotta and Rockland, ME branches of Sherman's Books, and possibly a couple more.

I'm also available to do talks about Perkins' achievements and legacy with my slide show.

Getting my book into high school classrooms, not just school libraries, is a high priority for me. I will be recommending the PBS documentary, Summmoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare, by Mick Caouette be shown before or during my visits. All ideas, invitations and contacts warmly welcomed. Stay tuned.

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