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Getting there! EVENTS: Blog 7

It's EXCITING to have some variety planned in my first 6 public introductions/readings/signings/slide showings of my biography of Frances Perkins.

First: Students at a school in Charleston, April 12

2nd: Adults at my Congregational Church in downtown Charleston, April 21

3rd: A book signing at Sherman's Books in Damariscotta, Maine, TBD

4th: A presentation at the Camden, Maine public library, June 4, 6:30 PM

5th: A book launch GALA at the Frances Perkins Center in Newcastle, ME, probably mid-July

6th: A book signing at Sherman's Rockland, ME store, TBD

I'm hoping for many more opportunities to tell audiences about Frances Perkins, Champion of American Workers, architect of the New Deal, and creator of Social Security. 

I'd love to hear your ideas and possibly get some invitations.

I'm also very eager for education contacts who may want to introduce the book in history classes or do a unit on biography in English/Language Arts classrooms.  I'm also happy to just talk to students about FP to inspire them!

Help spread the word, and THANK YOU!!

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