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News: All 9 Sherman's bookstores in Maine will carry my biography. I'll be doing signings in several, I believe. So far it's definitely Damariscotta and Rockland.

I'm looking for avenues to attract educators to help me get it into not just school libraries, but high school English and American history classes. So far I have 3 teachers. a guidance counselor and an administrator helping me.

Thinking about modest book launch parties in both Charleston and Maine, and have ordered extra books for that.

Am working on libraries too, to do readings and signings and answer questions about Frances Perkins and the center.

It's all about nextworking, so should YOU have any ideas or contacts I can pursue, please let me hear from you. All input welcome. And appreciated. You can comment here or email me at or call or text: 207-350-1020. THANKS!!!

I was tickled by today's post from the Frances Perkins Center, which, while touting Sarah Peskin, shows my portrait of Frances in the background! Whether that was intentional or coincidental I don't know, but I love it. Sarah was very helpful to me as a resource person, early reader, editing consultant, and enthusiast. And she taught me the difference between "suffragettes" and "suffragists!"

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