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About the Author

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Ruth C. Monsell
Author of Frances Perkins - Champion of Workers

I was always pretty sure I'd write and publish a book someday. In 2012, the spark came that put that dream into action. That was the year I discovered Frances Perkins on a tour of her ancestral homestead in Newcastle, Maine, given joyfully by her only grandchild.  I was hooked.


It's my hope that when you read it, you'll be as inspired by this great woman's character, commitment and achievements as I was. We would not be living in the same America had it not been for her massive spirit and drive. She lived out the dream of our founders to make it "a more perfect union" for all of us, just as she lived out her faith.


My background includes a life-long love, and pursuit of, the arts. I am a painter, silhouette artist, singer, actor, director, and former teacher of English, American History, and theater, as well as some art and music. My students ranged from young children to senior citizens. It is my hope that some of them will discover this book.


I'm always looking for opportunities to talk about Frances Perkins and my biography of her in order to make her legacy better known. Let's connect.

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