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New Publicity! Blog Number 6

Updated: Mar 6

I was excited that National Public Radio's popular and honored regular Podcast, "Maine Calling" focused on famous and important contributions by Maine women this morning to kick off Women's History Month. I was further delighted (though not surprised) to find that Frances was one of those women. Next I was intrigued to hear the author of a work of fiction appearing later this month based on the life about Frances Perkins, join the podcast. She is Stephanie Dray and had some great comments, including that FP deserved most of the credit for the New Deal (agreed) and that she is "the most important woman in American history and should have a park or street named after her in every county in the country." Again, I agree with Stephanie and am about to order her novel.

Then, to my surprise, a mid coast Maine friend I not only know from church but have sung and acted with for many years called in to the program (bless her heart) and mentioned my name and book title. Thanks, Heather! Every bit of help spreading the word is enormously appreciated.

I spent last weekend with a Charleston friend, one who got me hooked on another American hero, this time a living one: Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. I never expected to be devoting three days to visiting Montgomery, Alabama, but it was enormously enriching, educational and inspiring. Thanks, Gail! The three museums we toured were extraordinary. I couldn't help but continually think how much Stevenson has in common with Frances. Both came from ordinary and humble beginnings, but with education, grit and guts accomplished wonderful things and truly made a difference. I highly recommend Stevenson's book Just Mercy and the excellent film of the same name based on it. May it inspire you too.

Meanwhile, I'm counting the days until April 16 when my own book is finally in my hands, and am grateful everyone helping me spread the word on it, and signing my email list.

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